winter skin care
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Author: Karen Austin

Winter skin care


Keep your skin protected and in top form over the colder months in Melbourne.

The harsh colder climate and dry indoor heating during Melbourne’s winter can leave your skin in a less than ideal texture and tone.

Caring for your skin and body during winter takes just a little extra time and effort due to the conditions that are rather extreme for our skins protective barrier.

Skin faces many elements during the colder months and requires more TLC to support the skin’s needs. Our protective barrier requires support to fight against the elements of cold air, snow season and heaters continually being on to keep our bodies warm.

Low humidity is negative about winter and what this means for us is that our skin is deprived of moisture daily and remaining more indoors is great for lack of sun exposure, however not a positive for the skin with indoor blasting of dry heat.

The results are flakey dry skin and for some people dry flakey itchy skin.  Untextured skin and high flushed red skins due to the overheating of dry heat being blown directly around or into your face whilst driving in your car or indoors.

The number 1 skin condition we face more than ever during winter is TRANSEPIDERMAL WATER LOSS.  Transepidermal water loss will result in a reduced epidermal water percentage, which impacts o the skin’s barrier’s, bi-layers and reduces epidermal enzymatic activity, causing:

  1. Lower cellular lipids
  2. Impaired acid mantle and immune response
  3. Compromised structural skin integrity

Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis suffer from severe trans epidermal water loss.  These conditions occur when vital fluids evaporate and the skin becomes dry and inflamed.

Inflammation, lack of firmness and thickened red pore appearance are all indicators of transepidermal water loss. Restoring free water levels and thickening the matrix of the skin is an integral part of revising the skin back to a healthy functioning state.


The following tips will help prevent, restore, maintain and support the uncomfortable times that winter presents to our skin.


  • Add moisture to your home. Have a humidifier running in your home to add moisture to the air
  • Add internal moisture with EFA’s and keep well hydrated with water (do not overindulge in trying to keep warm with caffeine as it’s a diuretic and creates dehydration
  • Don’t forget sunscreen is to be worn all year round
  • Choose extra moisture in your skin care and add boosters to help add extra hydration and protection
  • Choose a cleanser that adds barrier protection and opt-out of foaming cleansers that can be astringent to the skin
  • Add a hydration mask to your home regime
  • Increase the in-clinic treatments and add hydrating facials, LED, peels and DMK Enzyme treatments to keep your skin in good steed

With that additional TLC, you can have a winter glow in your skin and skin health/wellbeing all year round.


The products of choice to help support you more than ever:

DMK Products that we love to support the skin for hydration, protection and plumping.

  • Eye Web– Like an invisible web around the eyes, this powerful eye cream can help to instantly tighten saggy skin, eliminate the appearance of puffiness under the eyes and revise dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines by strengthening the skin.

  • FirMatrix – Like a filler without the injections, FirMatrix utilizes powerful botanicals to help rebuild the epidermal matrix.  Generating greater density within the skin to bring firmness to loose and sagging skin.

  • TransGenisis tm – Fights the signs of ageing with specific marine sourced enzymes that work to encourage cell turnover and renewal without irritation, giving the skin a smooth porcelain glow. It helps restore maximum moisture levels as well as improving firmness and elasticity.

  • Hydrating Masque – Works with the skins water levels to calm inflammation and plump up skin through restoring, hydration, revising wrinkles and fine lines for a bouncy youthful complexion.

  • Hydroloc – Helps lock moisture into the skin with its unique nourishing formula and works to prevent trans epidermal water loss.

  • Seba-E – To help reduce dryness and plump the skin. Seba-E formulations is designed to imitate the skin’s identical lipids and natural oils to promote barrier repair.  This assists to re-establish hydration and revitalize the skin. PHOT


“WHAT’S NEW” at Richmond Skin & Laser:

Proudly Australian made – PhotonSmart. Advanced LED Phototherapy machine is the most versatile and powerful medical grade LED phototherapy system.

Effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation, photo-ageing, collagen and elastin stimulation, scar prevention, support sensitive reactive skins, acne and for the improving the appearance age spots, skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

Treatment is comfortable and made easy either as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other treatments in the clinic. This No pain, No fuss, No recovery-time – Just Outstanding Results!

Discuss this with our team and we invite you to experience this incredible modality.

20min per session with 48 hours in between each session is all that it takes to support your skin! Book in as many as 1-4 per week to maintain your skins and keep it feeling restores, repaired and supported!

Infra – Red sessions:

20min Stand-Alone $99.00 per session

20min Add-On         $79.00 per session in conjunction with another treatment on the same day.

Buy a course:

Infra-Red:  *based on 2 sessions per week (48 hours apart) T&C apply

12 months       $8,216 * save $2080

6 months         $4108*    save $5148

3 months         $2054*    save $520

6 session          $474*        save $120



LED sessions: Working with Blue, Red + Green

20min Stand-Alone $79.00 per session

20min Add-On         $59.00 per session in conjunction with another treatment on the same day.

*based on up to 2 sessions per week.

12 months       $6,136* save $2080

6 months         $3,068*    save $1040

3 months         $1,534*    save $520

6 session          $354*        save $120




You can now order ON-LINE Gift Cards for Richmond Skin & Laser. Hit the link below.



EXCLUSIVE DMK EVENT – 15th June 2021 from 10 am to 7 pm



8th JULY 2021


It’s time again for our annual DMK Masterclass with DMK Masters on hand to assess and advise our VIPs on how to take your skin to the next level.

Winter is the harshest season on our skin – Whether it’s to assess your current skincare/treatment regime and or any skin concerns, you will receive a personalised prescription during your 30minute complimentary consultations to deliver the outcomes you’ve only dreamt of.

This yearly event is like no other which promises to be one full of education and information, surprises, giveaways, VIP on the night promotions and more!!!

Bubbles, baubles and nibbles throughout the Masterclass.

Every appointment booked will receive a free product and surprises in their “Thankyou” bag on the night.

The day runs 10 am til 8 pm. These consultations are strictly limited and filling up fast so book in now to avoid disappointment.


Book NOW via the link in our BIO or simply call (03) 8820 5801!


See you then!!

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