We are proud to announce PDO Threads is one of the newer treatments we offer at Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic and Our Cosmetic Nurse specialises in PDO. This treatment offers firmer, younger-looking skin. PDO or polydioxanone is the newest and most innovative treatment for age management and prevention. This treatment is very popular with our male and female patients.

The PDO threads are microscopic threads positioned into the skin using a very fine needle with each thread into the areas for lifting. The threads are placed in the subcutaneous layer of fat in the skin, so they provide support and improve the structure of the area, the threads are very effective on the face, neck, decolletage, and body. The treatment stimulates collagen and elastin activating fibroblast production, resulting in the areas being lifted, firmer, and smoother and it refines your pores and improves color. The treatment results are phenomenal and usually last up to 12 months.

PDO Threads treatments
PDO Threads treatments

What to expect -

Our Cosmetic Nurse will use anaesthetic to numb the area, she will carefully mark out the area where the PDO threads will be inserted, after your consultation. We utilize different thread sizes for different locations to maximise the benefits. This treatment is a great alternative to cosmetic treatments, or you may need them as well to accomplish that more youthful appearance.

Just remember your consultation will provide you with extensive information and we need to assess whether you are a perfect candidate for the PDO Thread lift. You must not be taking fish oils for 1 week prior to treatment.

Post Care After The Treatment –

Mild redness (erythema ) & mild swelling may be present for a short period after the PDO Thread lift. Make up can be applied to the areas 48 hours post treatment

Mild stiffness or restricted movement including pulling may occur. Do not touch or rub the areas for a couple of days.

Dimpling, itching and burning is not common, however you can apply ice to the areas after treatment. This will be discussed with you.

Avoid swimming, spas, saunas or extreme heated places and UV unprotected exposure

For the best results for 2 weeks if you can avoid- Exercise for 5 days.

No skin, laser or dental procedures including opening your mouth widely, and chewing hard foods

Avoid anti-inflammatories like nurofen.

We book you in for a follow up appointment usually 2 weeks after the treatment.

Areas Treated –