Cryotherapy is the use of liquid nitrous oxide to produce extreme cold to “freeze” and remove unwanted skin lesions safely and effectively. 

Cryopen can treat:

  • Skin tags
  • Warts (hands and feet)
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Age\liver spots
  • Freckles or dark, sun-damaged and hyperpigmented lesions
cryopen pen
Cryotherapy pen treatment

The fine pin-point spray of nitrous oxide is administered through a handheld pen instrument that delivers a constant temperature to the treated area, thereby not affecting surrounding tissue. The nitrous oxide destroys the lesions by freezing the inter-cellular fluid of the cells in seconds, rupturing the cell membrane.

The treatment itself is relatively pain free, it gives a slight stinging sensation in the treated area, and the stinging may last a few minutes post treatment. Itching is also a common side effect. Post treatment, a small blister may occur and crusting of the lesion and eventually it sloughs away. The skin beneath may be left with a slightly lighter color than the surrounding tissue, but will resolve as the skin heals.

Some lesions may require a doctor’s clearance to be treated, but this will be discussed in your consultation prior to treatment. Some lesions may require more than one treatment.