Sculpsure at Richmond skin and laser clinic

Irrespective of gender, we all have that never ending desire of a flat tummy and even the hint of a six pack. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles often mean that we are deskbound or have poor eating habits. Crash diets and get fit commitment finish before we achieve our goals. Often we simply don’t have the time to care for ourselves as we should. Even if we have all the time we need, there still seems to be those stubborn bumps


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There might not be a lot people that are aware of the differences between the two, or you may not have even heard of the word Cosmeceutical before. What we do know is we have our lovely ‘cosmetic’ brands where make up and retail skin products sit under and then we have our pharmaceutical medications where the ingredients are active and prescribed, most often from a doctor. Cosmetics are known as the cover and coats. They cover the applied area

Skin cycle turn over, what a topic! I wonder how many people would know roughly how long our skin cells live for? Up to the age of about 25 our skin cells would turn over on average every 28 days. As we age this cycle can slow right down to 80- 120 days before we see new cells reaching the surface. This means as we age we are left with old, tired cells sitting on or face for too long.

There are many forms of pigmentation that an individual can come across. There are however a few main types that seem to pop up that can have quite an effect. Melasma which can also be known as the ‘pregnancy mask’ is a form of pigment that can take on an appearance of dark, irregular patches on the skin. It is most commonly found on the face. Mainly the cheeks, forehead and upper lip. The cause for melasma is thought to