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Author: Karen Austin

Enzyme Therapy


What is Enzyme Therapy?

A facial you have never experienced before, with Enzyme therapy this focuses internally help with circulation, oxygenation & lymphatic drainage. A reverse osmosis to flush out any toxins from the skin to help with cell repair to improve collagen & elastin. DMK’s signature Enzyme therapy works to revise the skin to function as a young healthy skin would. There are several “levels” of therapy depending on the concern we are treating and the outcome you are looking for. We will prescribe the most appropriate level to get the outcomes you are looking for during the consultation.



What causes the Plasmatic Effect during DMK Enzyme?

Capillaries have been flushed of toxins and the blood has been loaded up with fresh oxygen & nutrients to the skin.

This will generally dissipate 10-20mins once you stand up.


How long does a treatment take?

This treatment goes for 1.15hrs and leaves your skin nice & refreshed, dewy and bouncy when you walk out the door.

Who is it for?

The DMK Enzyme Therapy essentially revitalises the skin like no other treatment available today. Personally, we recommend that everyone, regardless of their concerns or skin conditon, have an Enzyme at least once per month.

In particular, the Enzyme delivers outstanding results for people looking for a treatment to manage:

-Acne/ congestion

-Ageing/fine lines & wrinkles

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Pigmentation & uneven skin tone


Products we are loving:

Mesoestetic SPF 50+

Low weight hyaluronic infusion that’s hydrating your skin within, without being greasy.

-Very high UVA & UVB sun protection

-Recommended for normal to combination skin types.

-Helps the skin hold hydration, preventing dry patches

DMK Beta Gel – Lightweight & hydrating serum

A power immune boosting serum to address all skin types. Formulation of beta glucan to enhance skin’s ability to reduce inflammation and repair damaged cells.

  • Perfect for congestion, ageing, sun damage skin

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