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The Difference Being A Dermal Clinician


A Dermal Clinician is a Bachelor qualified individual that has endorsed 3-4 years of specialized study in skin management and non-surgical procedures to assist other allied health professionals.

They have also studied dermatological skin conditions, diseases, and skin management of acute and chronic conditions. Skin biology, wound healing and infection control standards have been studied to give ultimate care to clients/patients. They have undertaken numerous science units such as physiology, anatomy, biology, chemistry, and psychology.

Dermal Clinicians pride themselves on public health and skin health education.

The best occupation for Aesthetically focused Dermal Clinicians is working in a clinic with medical grade technologies and advanced treatments that allow them to utilise their education to get outstanding results across a range of concerns from managing skin health issues such as rosacea to rejuvenation and delivering and maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance.

What is a Dermal Clinician?

How are they different to Beauty Therapists?

Beauty therapists have completed a diploma of beauty therapy which is 1 year of study. It does cover a wide range of topics and is very practical in its content – focusing on the application of Massage, facials, waxing, and pedicures/manicure. They can decide to specialise in a particular field such as make-up.

The ideal occupation for Beauty Therapists is Beauty Salons, Spas. Further education must be undertaken before they are suitable for advanced treatments and medical grade laser light based technologies.

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