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Author: Karen Austin

SculpSure with Richmond Skin and Laser CLinic


Irrespective of gender, we all have that never ending desire of a flat tummy and even the hint of a six pack. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles often mean that we are deskbound or have poor eating habits. Crash diets and get fit commitment finish before we achieve our goals. Often we simply don’t have the time to care for ourselves as we should. Even if we have all the time we need, there still seems to be those stubborn bumps that we just can’t lose! The craving for the figure you have dreamed of goes on…..

Richmond Skin & Laser clinic we now have the scientifically proven SculpSure treatment to remove that stubborn and unwanted fat. The “Lunchtime Lipo!”

What is Sculpsure?

SculpSure removes your unwanted fat in a 25 minutes procedure that has zero downtime. You can get straight back into your day after the treatment. Up to 24% of fat cells are removed in the area being treated without surgery. The laser has a cooling plate where it contacts the skin so the surface remains comfortable while the fat cells beneath are being heated to between 42 – 47 degrees Celsius. This process destroys the fat cells and the body removes them through the natural body circulatory systems.

This treatment is totally safe and has been approved by the TGA and the FDA for flanks and abdomen but we are seeing great results with arms, thighs and buttox as well.

Top 6 reasons why you should choose Sculpsure treatment from Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic:

  • We have the most experienced SculpSure practitioners in Victoria
  • Treated fat cells are permanently destroyed during the SculpSure treatment and will not regenerate.
  • There is no downtime with SculpSure, so you can have the treatment during your lunch hour and return to work immediately. The “Lunchtime Lipo”
  • SculpSure is ideal for people who seem resistant to diet and exercise and can be used on all skin types
  • There are no harmful side effects with SculpSure.
  • You can treat multiple areas in one day.

Seeing results in as early as six weeks after your SculpSure treatment with no change to your diet or workout regime – a dream come true!

After detailed research into the technology and seeing the science based evidence, Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic introduced the first SculpSure device into Victoria and one of the first ten in Australia. Our fully trained and experienced clinicians have seen some amazing results since then:

sculpsures” Just had the SculpSure treatment and lost 4 cms off my waste in 6 weeks! After being quite sceptical at first I would recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to lose that stubborn fat when nothing else seems to work” Felicity …..

Our practioners are the most experienced operators of the SculpSure device in the state, working day-in and day-out with patients, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s needs and goals and have the expertise to deliver. It is our mission to utilise state of the art technology and products to provide the maximum enhancement of our patient’s appearance and well-being.

To book in for your SculpSure appointment  visit today.

Look special…Feel special…Get the dream body…Keep moving with confidence…

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