Peri-Oral Dermatitis (2)
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Peri Oral Dermatitis


Peri-Oral Dermatitis

This skin rash circles your mouth. It can cause scaly, dry and inflamed skin, generally accompanied by swollen bumps called papules. It can have a very similar appearance to acne and is often mistaken for that.

The rash itself can be quite uncomfortable, causing an itch or burning-like sensation. The rash can also appear on the ears, eyelids, neck, scalp, and nose.

The exact cause is unknown, however possible causes include:

  • Stress
  • Diet\Gut Dysbiosis
  • Fluorinated toothpaste
  • Mask wearing
  • Impaired Barrier function
  • Steroid creams and inhalants
  • Candida Albicans
  • Demodex Mites
  • Hormonal changes (i.e.: the pill)

Perioral dermatitis can come and go and can last from a few days to a few weeks. Each person can experience this differently, and over the years we have found a balanced diet, stress reduction, correct product usage and good sleep hygiene can help reduce its symptoms and flare ups.

We love our DMK enzyme therapy treatments to help calm and repair the skin, by working on the structure and function of the skin cells. A series of enzymes and LED treatments performed weekly to fortnightly, alongside products such as EFA Ultra, betagel, betagen, acu-masque and contraderm can ease and clear up the rash.

For clients experiencing digestive issues and stress, a thorough consultation can determine if the use of our supplements; digestive tune-up and or Relax by Regul8, may help to balance and restore the guts good bacteria and calm an overactive nervous system.

In some rare cases, if the rash becomes infected, then a course of antibiotics from your doctor may be required.

Peri-Oral Dermatitis


Product Highlights

Betagen is designed to revise skin sensitivity, environmental stress, sun damage, premature ageing and signs of trauma.

It contains Beta-glucans that trigger the regeneration of damaged cells, collagen and helps enhance the immune response to fight free radicals. It is also designed to soothe and lock in moisture.

Contraderm helps to soothe irritated skin and treat skin conditions that cause flaking, itching or redness. It is calming, healing, and hydrating.

Beta Gel is an immune-boosting serum that addresses all skin conditions. It enhances the skins ability to reduce inflammation, redness and repair damaged cells by stimulating growth factors.

Acu Masque is used for all skin conditions especially inflamed, acne and congested skins, as well as sensitive skin that needs a deep clean. It combats toxins while clearing and soothing the skin. The masque contains bentonite and sulphur which absorb toxins by pulling out impurities without harsh drying or stripping of the skin.

Digestive Tune-Up soothes and repairs the gastrointestinal system by healing the mucous membrane lining of the gastrointestinal tract and removing unwanted organisms.


Relax is a supplement designed calm and reduce the symptoms of stress throughout the day and promoting a better night’s sleep. It contains all natural ingredients to help relieve symptoms associated with mild anxiety in healthy individuals. It is formulated based on traditional herbal medicine and supports physical and mental functioning, whilst helping to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Therapist Fun Facts


Erica is our Clinic Manager and she prides herself on client experience and results. Seen here with Karen attending the Skincon conference in November to keep up with current and future technologies and practices coming to the industry.

Fact 1 – Loves to eat

Fact 2 – Passion for equality in the aesthetic industry

Fact 3 – Can burp the alphabet




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