PEARL Marine Collagen Powder
Picture of Author: <b> Karen Austin
Author: Karen Austin

PEARL Marine Collagen Powder


At Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic we have a holistic approach to achieving healthy, beautiful skin.
While we offer medical-grade treatments, we are now proud to stock an internal supplement line to nourish your skin from the inside out.
This includes DMK EFA’s, Relax, Regul8, and now Marine Collagen Peptide Powder.
PEARL Collagen Super Powder for skin, hair, and nails comes in 3 different varieties which we now stock in the clinic:

– Ceremonial Grade Matcha (from Kyoto, Japan)
– Organic Coconut Milk
– Unflavoured

Why is PEARL different?

Collagen is the main component of the skin, connective tissue, and bones, contributing to their unique function.

PEARL Collagen Powder is made up of Marine by-products instead of Bovine sources and is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently by the body.

As we age, our ability to produce collagen decreases, causing our skin to lose its strength which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, loss of elasticity, and premature ageing.

3 different sizes include Travel-size packets, glass 150g containers, and 15-g refill pouches.

What is PEARL Marine Collagen Powder?

PEARL Marine Collagen Superpowder is an ingestible beauty powder containing wild caught Norwegian marine collagen, native Australian Kakadu plum, and sustainably sourced pearl powder.

They all work synergistically to supercharge skin, hair, and nail health by delivering micronutrients to the collagen matrix that promote fresh collagen production.

It has a very high purity degree, is highly bioavailable, neutral in taste and smell, is non-GMO, and free from carbohydrates, fat, preservatives, and additives.

Clinical studies measured an improvement of 34.77% in skin moisture on the face after just 8 weeks of use!

Australian Kakadu Plum sourced from small local farms in the NT is potent in Vitamin C, E, and folic acid.

Freshwater Pearl Extract is sourced from sustainable freshwater farms, helping to reduce pore size, hydrate, and brighten the skin.

Collagen loading and why we love it:

If you’re new to collagen supplementation or want to increase your glow ahead of a big event, we recommend increasing your collagen intake over a period of 3-4 weeks for maximum results.

The collagen loading method is recommended by many functional doctors and dermatologists around the globe with clinical research to prove the outstanding results.

Simply add 1 tsp. to your beverage of choice 3-4 times a day for 3-4 weeks. Following this period, switch back to regular dosing of 1-3 servings per day.

Be sure to take a photo before and after collagen loading.

You’ll be astounded by the visible results on your skin, hair, and nails.

It’s truly transformative – just ask Karen!

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