Online Skin Consultation

"Go Virtual with Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic"

For your convenience, the team at Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic are now offering “Online Skin Consultations” as a new service

If you can’t make it to the clinic but still want the best for your skin, an Online Skin Consultation will take all the guesswork out of how to best look after your skin. If you have a particular condition or concern, or simply seeking some general advice, our Dermal Therapists are on hand to help.

What you can expect


Founder and Managing Director

Karen Austin Managing Director. I have been part of this amazing industry for nearly 2 decades. I was lucky enough to have been trained by one of the icons in the industry at The Sydney Dermal Institute. My passion is your skin. My favourite treatments are Tattoo removal, as I love helping Patients with their regrets, and skin revision treatments, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the results we provide. I am also a qualified Educator, and I use this experience to pass my skills and knowledge on to my team, Educating my team consistently ensures their continuous development to always be delivering the best results. Our belief is that to deliver the optimum results you need the latest Science & technology delivered by the best team of Practitioners.


Clinic Manager

Aston, our Clinic Manager, comes with a substantial background in fitness, health, nutrition and aesthetics.

Managing cosmetic skin and laser clinics for the past 5 years, Aston has a fine eye for detail when it comes to aesthetics, with a special interest in injectables (liquid face lifts), tattoo removal, body sculpting and gut health.

Aston’s priority is to always ensure that we as a business prescribe the best, results driven treatments and home care for our clients with a team of highly qualified Dermal Therapists.


Dermal Therapist   

Kristi pursued her passion for skin 11 years ago in Canada. Starting as a Beauty Therapist she quickly gravitated to more advanced technologies leading to her Dermal Qualification. Kristi will educate her Clients on the “why” of their skin condition so they can understand the skins behaviour. Her favourite treatments are tattoo removal and DMK enzyme therapy because of the versatility and customization.


Dermal Therapist

Taylor completed her Bachelor of Health Science and Dermal Therapies in 2018 at Victoria University. With six years of experience in the industry, she thrives off result based treatments, whilst also working alongside her clients to educate them on their skin conditions in order to achieve realistic goals. Her favourite treatment is tattoo removal utilising the PicoSure laser.


Dermal Therapist   

Mary has over 6 years of experience and is finishing her Bachelor’s degree. Mary prides herself on building a rapport with her clients, she is passionate about prescribing a skin journey that transforms her client’s appearance. Mary is an expert in advanced laser and skin treatments, she specialises in DMK skin treatments.


 Reception Coordinator /Dermal Therapist

Emma graduated over 6 years ago and has loved working in the cosmetic industry. Emma has developed her skills by working in a clinical environment, she has always been someone who enjoys helping people achieve their desired results. Emma is passionate about addressing internal issues to achieve the best results for the client. Her favourite treatment regime is Enzyme Therapy and Skin Needling.


Dermal Therapist

Vicky has been a Skin & Laser Specialist for over 13 years. Specialising in Skin Rejuvenation, she is results driven to achieve clear and brilliant skin.

Vicky is the process of completing her nursing degree and looks forward to finishing this in the near future.

With her professional experience, her clients feel well educated about each treatment and the journey they are on to beautiful skin.

Her favourite treatment is Skin Rejuvenation but most importantly Anti-Ageing treatments. Her passion comes from her successful results and achieving skin health.


Dermal Therapist

Jessica has completed her Bachelor of Dermal Science in 2017, Jessica initially came to Australia to pursue her passion in skin health as she experienced skin problems growing up herself. She knows how issues can give a detrimental impact on a person’s confidence and general well-being. Leveraging on her own experience and education, allows her to see her clients becoming more confident and happy in their own skin is her motivation to give her absolute best for each client she sees. Jessica loves the DMK enzyme therapy for its uniqueness and efficacy in treating a wide range of skin concerns.


Dermal Therapist

Chelsea has always had a true passion when it comes to the skin and laser industry. She loves and also thrives off, being able to help clients achieve their goals, and watching their confidence grow throughout their skin journey. She is excited to continue to reach new goals within the company, loving treatments such as skin needling and enzyme therapies. Chelsea has a background in pharmaceutical dispensing and has great experience in the industry so far.


Receptionist / Dermal Therapist

Tayla graduated her diploma in 2017 and is currently completing her bachelor of Nursing degree. Tayla has loved working within the skin and laser industry and has a passion for helping others achieve their best results. She loves providing clients with treatment and home skin care plans personalised to their concerns and seeing improvement within their skin and confidence during their visits to the clinic. After completing her nursing degree Tayla plans to continue her passion in becoming a cosmetic injector.



Tahlia is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) degree. She has a passion for helping individuals with underlying pain and discomfort, getting them on track for an improved quality of life. Tahlia has a Certificate III in Health Administration and loves working as a receptionist at Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic. She enjoys talking to clients and helping them out with treatment options and skin care we offer here at Skin and Laser.


Cosmedic  Nurse

Stephanie (Registered Division 1 Nurse), graduated from LaTrobe University and completed a Graduate Nurse Program in 2016 at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Having completed a rotation in Plastics/Trauma and Faciomaxillary surgery, Stephanie developed a strong interest in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic injectables. 

Stephanie further completed a postgraduate in Dermal Science / Cosmetic Nursing through the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science. She continued to work within the hospital setting for 5 years, gaining experience in a wide range of clinical areas in both medical and surgical. Stephanie undertook several leadership positions during her role as an Associate Nurse Unit Manager. 

Stephanie is passionate about taking the time to listen to her clients goals, thoroughly assessing facial anatomy and working towards achieving the best results. Her number one priority is safety and making sure that clients are well informed and comfortable during and after their treatment.