Online Skin Consultation

"Go Virtual with Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic"

For your convenience, the team at Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic are now offering “Online Skin Consultations” as a new service

If you can’t make it to the clinic but still want the best for your skin, an Online Skin Consultation will take all the guesswork out of how to best look after your skin. If you have a particular condition or concern, or simply seeking some general advice, our Dermal Therapists are on hand to help.

What you can expect

Meet the Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic Team


Founder and Managing Director

Karen Austin Managing Director. I have been part of this amazing industry for nearly 2 decades. I was lucky enough to have been trained by one of the icons in the industry at The Sydney Dermal Institute. My passion is your skin. My favourite treatments are Tattoo removal, as I love helping Patients with their regrets, and skin revision treatments, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the results we provide. I am also a qualified Educator, and I use this experience to pass my skills and knowledge on to my team, Educating my team consistently ensures their continuous development to always be delivering the best results. Our belief is that to deliver the optimum results you need the latest Science & technology delivered by the best team of Practitioners.



Erica has worked in the industry for 8 years and graduated with her Bachelor of Dermal Science in 2022.

Erica has managed multiple cosmetic clinics including three Plastic Surgeries. Erica’s experience is phenomenal and she has a passion for making individuals feel confident with her treatments. Erica believes every client should experience excellent results and love their client’s skin journey.


Dermal Therapist   

Kristi pursued her passion for skin 11 years ago in Canada. Starting as a Beauty Therapist she quickly gravitated to more advanced technologies leading to her Dermal Qualification. Kristi will educate her Clients on the “why” of their skin condition so they can understand the skins behaviour. Her favourite treatments are tattoo removal and DMK enzyme therapy because of the versatility and customization.


Dermal Therapist

Josie has been working in the cosmetic industry since 2017. She completed her qualifications in Brisbane. Josie completed her laser license 5 years ago which is an additional required to operate lasers due to the Qld Government regulations.

Josie has a true passion for helping clients build their self esteem with a broad range of experience across multiple clinics in Brisbane and more recently Melbourne providing experience with an extensive range of skin types and conditions.

She specialises in body contouring and her favourite treatments are SculpSure Fat Reduction, Tattoo Removal, Skin Revision and Skin Rejuvenation where she can have the biggest impact on her clients lives and believes that looking good is feeling good.


Dermal Therapist

Abi obtained her Bachelor of Dermal Sciences degree in 2017. Her continuous experience and knowledge in this field has allowed her to build the confidence in treating a wide range of skin conditions. Her favourite treatments to perform are skin treatments, as she believes it is the foundation towards optimal functioning skin. Abi has a strong understanding of skin biology and how it functions which provides her the ability to approach her clients skin concerns with the right tools to achieve the right outcomes.


Dermal Therapist

Cyndi has been working in the industry for the past 6 years,  She obtained her Bach Dermal Science in 2018. Cyndi has been passionate ever since she started her Beauty Therapy Diploma, then decided to further her studies. She loves to work with a wide range of treatments and one of her favourites is the Pico laser , as it is the safest laser technology for darker skin tones with phenomenal results.
Her other favourite treatment is Factor 4 skin needling, this treatment is an effective collagen induction therapy. Cyndi believes that her experience & knowledge over the years helps her to achieve optimal and positive results for her clients.


Dermal Therapist

Jess has obtained her Bachelor of Dermal Science and has practised since 2012. She has worked alongside Nurses & Doctors performing advanced skin & body treatments with various modalities. She has a holistic approach when treating her Clients and will consider internal and external factors when diagnosing and creating your treatment plan.
Her passion is working with different skin types and conditions to help her clients achieve their skin goals. Some of her favourite treatments are skin needling, tattoo removal and enzyme therapy.


Dermal Therapist

Penny is currently studying a Bachelor of Dermal Science and she is graduating in 2022. This has led her to holistically understand different skin conditions and modalities to ensure she prescribes an effective treatent plan for all her clients. Penny’s previous passion at school was sociology and she thrives on giving a positive experience to all and she loves treating people from all cultures, genders and races. Penny is determined to help her clients through education and strives to provide long term results. Her favourite treatments are skin needling, vascular laser treatments and DMK advanced enzyme therapy.


Cosmetic Nurse

Zana has been a Registered Nurse for 6 years and has been practising Cosmetic Treatments for 4 years. Zana is passionate about empowering her clients to feel confident and to feel their best self. Zana performs a variety of Advanced Injectable services including PDO Threads. Zana’s goal is to help relax, restore, enhance and replace what was once lost. She prides herself on providing results that are uniquely tailored to her clients and their features.



Tahlia is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy) degree. She has a passion for helping individuals with underlying pain and discomfort, getting them on track for an improved quality of life. Tahlia has a Certificate III in Health Administration and loves working as a receptionist at Richmond Skin and Laser Clinic. She enjoys talking to clients and helping them out with treatment options and skin care we offer here at Skin and Laser.



Lauren has recently obtained her Bachelor of Dermal Science degree and is now studying her Bachelor of Nursing. Lauren has a passion for skin and her favourite treatment is skin rejuvenation combined with cosmetic injectables for the ultimate aesthetic result. She has experience in advanced skin treatments and also has worked in reception, providing impeccable customer service and client care. Lauren believes that being the first point of contact in clinic is one of importance as she can provide clients with a friendly and welcoming face.