Laser Fat Reduction 
Laser Fat Removal
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Author: Karen Austin

The magic of laser technology


Stubborn Fat? Unsightly veins? Premature Aging? Unwanted hair? Pigmentation? Time to change that Tattoo? The results being achieved with laser technology are nothing short of remarkable.

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By now nearly everyone has heard of lasers being used as part of the beauty industry, we have seen huge growth over the past couple years. Lasers are increasingly becoming the ‘go-to’ modality to treat everything from unwanted hair, sun spots and even fungal nail infections! So, with all these technologies available, what are the best conditions to treat with lasers and what are the hidden benefits? The answer might surprise you!

Laser fat reduction

A Skin & Laser we are lucky enough to use the incredible SculpSure technology. This is a specialised laser to target and permanently destroy stubborn fat cells. What a lot of people do not realise about fat cells is that you are born with the same amount of cells as when you die, the body does not make any more until you reach around 500KG! This means that when you gain and lose weight it is your fat cells getting bigger and smaller (or filling up or emptying). SculpSure differs from a lot of other technologies by heating the cells to a temperature where they break down and are permanently removed from the body, where as other technologies will just help to empty some of them but they will usually fill back up shortly after. In just on session of SculpSure you can lose up to 24% of fat in the treatment area.


Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is far from being a new technology, with thousands of clients seeking this treatment every year. Besides the obvious – getting rid of unwanted hair – there are many other benefits to having laser hair removal then just the aesthetic look of being hairless.

Ingrown hairs – People who are prone to nasty ingrown hairs will rejoice to know that due to laser working underneath the skin, we are able to treat any hairs stuck under the skin to permanently stop the ingrown coming back. Think about it, if there isn’t hair there, it is impossible to get ingrown hair.

Folliculitis –  Another benefit to hair removal laser is for people who suffer from folliculitis. Folliculitis is a skin condition where the hair follicles in an area become inflamed and infected. This is very common on mens chests, back and face, and in less common cases anywhere else on the body. Women can also develop folliculitis, and it looks like a severe case of acne with inflamed, sore red pimples. Once again, by removing the hair we find we get a reduction in infection and inflammation.

When seeking a clinic for hair removal, make sure you know what you are being treated with! At Skin & Laser we use only medical grade hair removal laser,  manufactured in the USA, with both an Alexandrite and Nd:Yag laser. This means we get amazing results with any skin type whilst keeping your skin safe.


Tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal has come a long way in recent times. We are lucky enough at Skin & Laser to use the amazing PicoSure laser for tattoo removal. The PicoSure differs from the older style lasers for tattoo removal but delivering shorter bursts of light, pulsing at pico-second intervals. This means that the laser uses a ‘mechanical’ method to break down the ink, rather than a ‘thermal’ (or heat) response to break down the ink. What this means for clients is, less pain, less side effects (burns and blisters are a rare occurrence), less treatments and we are able to treat all skin colours as well as all ink colours effectively (which other lasers cannot). Tattoo removal is a serious treatment and should be treated as such. Make sure you do research regarding the different technologies available as well as the qualifications of your technician. If in doubt, go PicoSure!



Laser rejuvenation

‘Laser rejuvenation’ is also known as a photo-facial or laser facial. At Skin & Laser we use the PicoSure laser for our rejuvenation treatments (the same laser as tattoo removal) to improve the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, reduce pore size, improve scarring and to reduce stretch marks. What sets this treatment apart from other laser facials is the different lenses used during the treatment. The real hero is the Focus lens array of the PicoSure, usually the laser is delivered into the skin as a single beam, this amazing lens breaks that single beam into hundreds of smaller beams to be delivered into the dermis. By using this technology, less heat produced ( = less side effects), as well as super charging your production of collagen and elastin for up to 6 months following a single treatment. The best thing about these treatments is there is no down time what so ever. No peeling, no shedding and no hiding inside for a week!


Laser hyper-pigmentation removal

We are seeing an increasing number of clients wanting pigmentation removal in the clinic. Hyper-pigmentation is also known as sun spots, age spots or liver spots. It occurs due to sun damage, skin trauma or hormonal stimulation. At our clinic we have many different treatment methods for hyper-pigmentation, most often our top choice is the PicoSure laser to remove pigmentation from both the face and the body. Unlike topical creams and serums, the PicoSure is able to treat the deepest (as well as superficial) darkened pigment spots. This treatment can be done as a spot treatment for individual spots, or if necessary it is included in the laser rejuvenation treatment to treat a whole area at once. Using the PicoSure for pigmentation means we are able to treat darker skin types and also melasma (hormonal ‘pregnancy mask’) which with traditional lasers wouldn’t be possible.


Laser Vascular

Broken capillaries? Pesky leg veins? General facial redness? Sun damage? Using our medical grade laser we are able to zap away pesky capillaries and veins on the face and body. Usually only requiring one quick pulse, the vessels are heated to a point where they coagulate and blood cannot be pushed through anymore. Once the blood supply has been cut off, your body will get rid of the vessel in the weeks following your treatment.


At Skin & Laser, we do not believe in ‘bandaid’ treatments. This means our philosophy is to treat the CAUSE of a condition, not just the symptoms. Laser achieves fantastic results, but sometimes we will suggest a combination of treatment(s) to make sure you get the best results that will last! Sometimes that means adding a product into your home care, sometimes it is having a paramedical facial to prepare the skin.


If any of the conditions listed in this article are a concern of yours, book in with one of our highly knowledgeable therapists for a FREE consultation today. You have nothing to lose, and amazing skin to gain!

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