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Author: Karen Austin

July Newsletter


Let’s talk about a very popular treatment and is perfect in the winter months.


Our clinic and Patients have been lucky enough to utilize the latest and safest technology the Picosecond laser.

We were one of the first Clinics in Melbourne to add this Laser to our vast treatment menu.

Picosecond technology emits super quick pulse widths in fact it fires at 1 trillionth of a second, this laser provides greater efficacy and enables us to deliver energy much quicker into the tissue with less photothermal energy like the older Q switch lasers in return our Patients receive much more precise, quicker treatments results with far less damage to the surrounding tissue.

Picosecond technology is used for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation removal including FDA, TGA approval for the removal of Melasma, ( the only laser technology safe for the removal of melasma), scar revision, skin toning and texture rejuvenation, pore reduction, acne scarring and wrinkle and fine line revision, and wait for it, post 4 treatments with the PicoSure skin rejuvenation will stimulate collagen and elastin production for 6 months later, what a phenomenal result, You are still reaping the rewards and the clinical endpoint or result is 6 months later. What I love about this treatment is the results we have seen are relatable to the CO2 skin resurfacing laser technology, with weeks of downtime and pain, hence the description of the PicoSure is a non-ablative laser which leaves our Patients with virtually no downtime, many of our amazing Patients book treatments in their lunch breaks and heads straight back to work!!!!!!

Our laser removes Pigment from the deeper levels in the skin the dermal layers, the other lasers and IPL technology burn off the top epidermal layers of the skin, so this means far fewer treatments and repetitive treatments which saves you lots of dollars.

Picosecond technology is the biggest seller in Asia and is the safest on darker skin types.

This month we have 20% off our PicoSure laser skin rejuvenation, these treatments book up fast and for a limited time only.


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