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Medical Grade Skin Care Products


Importance of investing in medical grade products:

Skincare products – It’s a confusing landscape. They are available everywhere from Amazon, K-Mart, and Chemist Warehouse, Beauty Salons, and Dermatologists to custom produced products by Compound Pharmacies and ranges offered by huge skincare product chains focused on $$.
One person tells you something works – the next says “This works better for me” and then a friend tells you something else – all this coupled with “Mum’s best advice” and you end up with a mixed concoction of advice, remedies and skin care products that in many cases were simply not designed to work together.
The term for this is contraindication.
It’s where a condition or circumstance that suggests a particular treatment or product should not be used.
When you use random products from different brands, you might find they are actually working against each other and doing more harm than good – or at best, having no impact at all and you’re wasting your money.
The skin is the biggest organ in our body. Everything that gets into our skin, gets into our body.
Using products from companies focused on $$ rather than results (They are easy to pick out – they are usually in the cheap chemist chains and are often discounted to sell volume and sold individually, not part of a “treatment regime”) often means putting chemicals in your body unnecessarily.
It’s hard enough staying healthy with diminished nutrients in our soils and the level of pollution and toxins in the air, let alone adding substances into our body that could have a negative impact.
Let’s see if we can bring some clarity to the conversation.
So where to start? Find someone you trust. Find someone who’s passion is your SKIN – not their bottom line!
Sure, every business needs to make money, but it must not be at the expense of results for the clients. Our philosophy is that:
Everything we do from the treatments we offer, the technology we invest in, the product ranges we use, and the training and education we undertake is all based on the question: Will this get the best result for our client?
And we know the best approach is the scientific approach. Results promised that have been proven worth research, white papers, and case studies.
This month, the lovely Sena shares her perspective on The Importance of Investing in Medical Grade Products:


There are many factors that contribute to having the healthiest skin you possibly can. One main factor is ensuring you are using good quality skin care products over the mainstream trendy products.

Yes, it may feel good, smell good, and look good in its trendy package. But does it serve your skin any purpose? The majority of the time the product just sits on the surface of the skin not penetrating the epidermis where it belongs. One of the main reasons is due to the higher efficacy of product delivery into the epidermis. The product is absorbed into the skin and can stay there for up to 8 hours. Hence it is recommended to re-apply before bed and in the mornings after waking up.

the reason is medical grade skin care is always backed up by proven scientific evidence. Which has been tested and trialed multiple times, with proven case studies to demonstrate its efficacy of treating skin conditions.

Lastly, medical grade products are made of highly stabilized ingredients that last longer and take longer to degrade. Ingredients in the product are in improved concentrations. In most cases medical grade products are fragrance-free and have no parabens.

Remember just because a product is super expensive it doesn’t mean it’s good. You always want to make sure you are using medical grade products. But remembering cheap isn’t always the best route to go either.


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