How to fight ‘Maskne’
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Author: Karen Austin

How to fight ‘Maskne’


Yes, ‘Maskne’ is a real thing unfortunately. First let us explain what it is. The medical term for ‘Maskne’ is acne mechanica, a skin condition brought on by prolonged wear of facial protective equipment.  ‘Maskne’ occurs when sweat, oil and bacteria get trapped on the skin creating the perfect breading ground for acne and breakouts. Since it has become mandatory to wear a mask in Victoria a lot of people that have never suffered from skin problems are experiencing acne and breakouts on their face from wearing the mask. There a few reasons why this could be happening. Fortunately, it can be prevented. Here are a few things that can be done to help prevent this from occurring.

Keep your mask clean

Wash your mask after every use. We know it sounds like a lot, but it does not take long for your mask to build up with bacteria and excess oil. If we keep wearing it unwashed the bacteria will sit on your skin creating the perfect breading ground for acne and breakouts to occur.

Cleanse morning and night

Keeping your face clean is very important and not just because we must wear a mask. This ensures that any bacteria, make up and excess oil are removed from the skin creating the perfect canvas for your serums and creams to soak into your skin.

Do not pick your skin

I know you feel like we probably harp on about not picking your skin, but it is important. When you pick at your skin you are spreading the bacteria and pushing the infection further into the skin so causing the breakout to take longer to heal and potentially creating more breakouts in the area.

Use the correct makeup

We recommend using a non-comedogenic make up like Jane Iredale. This makeup works with your skin and is an extension of your skincare. They use the highest-grade minerals to ensure your skin can breathe and that your pores will not clog.

How to treat skin issues that have risen

Whether it be switching up your cleanser to fight the breakouts, using a mask which is great because you can target exactly wear the acne/breakouts are or even using a spot treatment. Here a few products that we have personally used to help our skin during this time.

Acu Masque

Acu Masque is a diverse and versatile mask that aims to fight acne-causing bacteria, purify the skin, soothe and reduce redness, inflammation and unclog blocked pores to prevent pimple eruptions.

acue masque


Acu Klear

Acu Klear helps to minimise pimples and control breakouts, speeding up the healing process. Along with strong anti-bacterial properties. Calming to the skin this water-based gel penetrates deeper into the skin. Another bonus of this gel is it can be used on the body as well.

acu klear


Acu-Therm is perfect for those painful pimples. It is the ultimate deep pore cleansing tool which will help soften blind pimples and congested acne. This will help dislodge any bacteria in the pores.

acu therm

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