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Australia Burns

We just wanted to say a quick thank you to all our special Clients who helped us raise $450, we held a poll and asked where you would like us to donate the money too, and most of you wanted us to donate to the KOALA fund, so we did. We value your ongoing support and love and of course our Koalas.


This month we wanted to touch on Vitamin D. In Victoria Vitamin D deficiencies are rather high, one in 4 adults are Vitamin D deficient in Australia, a jaw dropping 49% of Victorians are Vitamin D deficient in winter and it is more common in the major city areas, in fact, it is 3 times worse in the city than in the remote areas. FRIGHTENING.

Did you know VITAMIN D is actually a hormone and is produced by the kidneys, this vitamin is vital for great health and vitality, it is essential for maintaining strong bones and is a key player in calcium and phosphorus absorption, Vitamin D provides us with good immunity, strong endocrine and cardiovascular health and function, also it can regulate loads of genes via the Vitamin D receptor. Lastly, Vitamin D can have some anti-inflammatory properties.

When we are Vitamin D deficient, we can experience major health issues and our immune system becomes vulnerable e.g. cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases. Lack of Vitamin D means not effectively absorbing calcium.  Painful periods can be experienced, and fertility can suffer in men and women too. Some people may even experience hair loss.

Women who have adequate Vitamin D levels when pregnant have been found to have lower complications, like diabetes, preeclampsia, and hemorrhage.

New studies have shown reduced body mass and osteoporosis (brittle and thin bones) starts now and presents later. So, making sure your levels of Vitamin D are sufficient and having healthy hormones helps.

One point I wanted to stress is that we have seen a rise in atopic dermatitis and Eczema recently. These tend to flare up in winter with Vitamin deficiency. Having sufficient Vitamin D has also been linked to a 33% reduction in the risk of death from Breast Cancer.

The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency are fatigue and frequent sickness especially viruses.

Please get a blood test to determine your status, too often I hear in our skin consultations Patients assuming they are deficient in Vitamin D, without a blood test and taking supplements, this can mean overdosing on the vitamin and can be dangerous and lead to toxicity which is a buildup of calcium in your blood which can cause nausea, vomiting, weakness and frequent urination.


So, keep your vitamin D levels in check for every opportunity of a healthy life and wonderful skin.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From the team at Richmond Skin and Laser

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