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Our skin changes with the seasons. Ideally, your therapist should be providing a skin consultation with each season change – four times a year. These may not always be a formal consultation, but they should be reviewing your progress, treatments plans and product prescription.

Every year, we put together an information/education event which includes a unique package of treatments to provide the ultimate in skin care and outcomes utilizing the latest and best technology in skin care.

Fun Fact #1

When undergoing a skin care regime, 70% of the outcomes are based on you strictly adhering to your home care prescription.


Fun Fact #2

Coupled with your skin therapist’s knowledge, The OBSERVE Skin Scanner assists the therapist in prescribing the perfect treatment plan for you by photographing deep into the layers of your skin to see exactly what is going on.


Fun Fact #3

Enzyme Therapy is simply the most holistic facial treatment (oh and BTW, it’s not just for the face) delivering a plethora of benefits results in improvement of the health of the skin:

  • Increase Oxygen levels
  • Increases hydration
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Boosts lymphatic circulation
  • Gets the cells functioning perfectly (Puts the skin into homeostasis)
  • Flushes the water in and out of the cells (Reverse Osmosis)


Most of you know that we utilize paramedical products and treatments and with the world renowned skincare range of DMK, including the incredible enzyme therapy treatments and vitamin rich homecare products, we have put together the ultimate rejuvenation booster package which is a combination of products and a treatment to prepare your skin for the festive season ahead.

One Day (10th October 2019 10am – 9pm) Exclusive Offer Thursday:

  • Receive a free comprehensive seasonal skin consultation including a full-face scan valued at $50
  • Purchase any four DMK home prescriptive products* and receive a free DMK enzyme therapy facial valued at $195

Limited spots available, call or chat online today to book your appointment

*Must include a serum




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