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Author: Karen Austin

Did you know that tiny little white pill you take every morning is changing the way your skin & gut function?


As most of us know the contraceptive pill is one of the most easily accessible medications in the world, now so accessible that you can go online order the “the pill” and have it delivered straight to your doorstep without having your health screened or blood pressure taken.

Firstly, how exactly do the pill and other contraceptive methods work?
In short, the pill tricks the body into thinking it’s pregnant for the duration of the course, thus your body isn’t releasing any eggs, and this is what prevents pregnancy. The hormone-based medication tricks the body by using high doses of hormones such as estrogen and progestins to create a pregnant like state. These hormones are why not every pill will work for each person, and why what may work for you may not work for your best friend.

But how do these hormones affect your skin & gut?

Progestins are made to mimic progesterone, but in fact act more like testosterone. Estrogen is commonly referred to as the female growth hormone.

When we ingest or have these synthetic hormones pumped into our body continuously in higher levels than the body’s own natural dose it robs our body of its organic function. Hence when we remove these synthetic hormone’s our bodies struggle to maintain without the constant injection of hormones.

These synthetics inhibit the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals that support our gut and skin. The pill will deplete several vitamin B sources such as riboflavin, B6, B12 and folic acid. As well as depletion of magnesium and zinc will also occur. These groups of vitamins are the skins and gut regulators. As vitamin B’s possess cortisol and stress elevating effects, as well as containing niacinamide also known as vitamin B3, which is a hydrating agent for our skin. Niacinamide helps to build up the skin’s barrier and boost water levels. Vitamin C helps to reproduce, support and increase ongoing collagen and elastin fibre reproduction (the building blocks of the skin) and strengthening. Vitamin C is also a powerful immune strengthening vitamin. Zinc regulates immune function and plays a large role in wound healing process. Finally, magnesium is a powerful anti-inflammatory vitamin and supports bone density.

The end result? Early aging and acne. We can manage these side effects; a lot depends on your personal symptoms as to the best course of action.

With hydration, hormone balancing, stress elevating and collagen elastin being the foundation to youthful and well-rounded skin & gut health, will you think twice before changing your medications or trying a hormone based contraceptive method? If not, make sure you are managing the impact appropriately.

Book in today for a video consultation with us to start turning back the clock and optimise your gut function and skin integrity.

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