Dermafrac is completely safe for all skin types
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Summer skin can bring a healthy vitamin D rich looking appearance, and on the downside, it can also develop moisture loss, dryness, flakiness, Pigmentation, barrier impairment and premature ageing.

We have been treating these types of skins for 8 years, and one of our understated hero treatments is the Micro-Needling Genesis Biosystem called Dermafrac. The results we witness are phenomenal.

The Skin Needling Treatment is pain-free with instant results, we love using this device because the serum is vacuumed down into the cells, the facilitation of the microneedles and the serum insertion provides our clients with instant improved appearance, it plumps, hydrates and fades pigment much faster.

The Dermafrac is so exciting because we can treat Acne, Pigmentation, Dehydration or Dry Skins and Premature Aging Skin with our super serums which are cocktails of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid (like hydroquinone without the side effects, Kojic Acid is 100% safe, Salicylic Acid and of course Peptides.

Dermafrac is completely safe for all skin types, it’s a combination of Micro-Needling + Infusion + Mechanical Exfoliation.

The serum solutions are customized and we tailor treatment depending on your specific skin concerns.

Here are the ones we work with to achieve the results you are looking for-

Dermafrac is completely safe for all skin types


Rejuvenate ( my favourite ) this is a cocktail of five active ingredients like Matrixyl, SNAP-8, SYNAKE, this serum with the skin needling and new technology microdermabrasion will blow your mind.

Instant skin-plumping, wrinkle reduction, pore reduction and we can even plump your lips for you.

This serum is a little gem and can be used on all skin types.

This is our most popular serum for our Brides to Be and not forgetting our male clientele, we treat plenty of tradesmen, or clients for that special event. NO DOWNTIME


Lighten This serum is a powerfully effective and non-toxic skin lightener, this will fade all types of pigments, and it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. NO DOWNTIME

non-toxic skin lightener

Clarify the special combination formula consists of salicylic and lactic acids, these two cosmetic ingredients are super ingredients to reduce acne, congestion, pimples, you may have mild redness post treatment but this

reduce acne, congestion, pimples

Hydrate Wait for it : Pure Hyaluronic Acid!!! Who does not need this? We can treat all skin types including acne if the skin is really dry.

This serum is like a hyla Sponge, a super hydrator and it assures a large amount of water is retained in the skin, including the deeper layers, this serum also includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C to enhance UV Resistance, Aloe, Antioxidants, and Grape Seed are some of the active cosmetic ingredients, this beautiful serum will calm and repair those impaired barriers as well.

Super plumping and can be used on younger skins as well.


Our exciting serums are the secret with the skin needling vacuuming them down in the cells are the key to healthy, amazing looking skin. All the equipment needles and pieces etc are all disposable, and you get a complimentary microdermabrasion. The added bonus with this treatment is it extends the life of your dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables by instigating collagen and elastin to support the synthetic.

Our most popular package is 6 treatments and we treat every 4-6 weeks depending on the skin type. We can also interchange the serums depending on your concerns, we may do one for ageing, then one for lightening or pigment. The treatment itself is 45 mins.

Do not forget to book your Complimentary Skin Consultation First so we can customize and get the results you are looking for and deserve.



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