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Breakouts and Congestion


When it comes to skin concerns, acne can be frustrating. Those pesky little pimples popping up at the most inconvenient times.

The good news is, acne can be fixed!

When it comes to treating any skin concerns its all about working on the root cause.

Acne can be caused from various factors including hormonal imbalances, incorrect home skincare and misdirected in clinic treatments, digestive conditions to mention a few.

The key to decreasing congestion and acne is a correct assessment of your skin using a skin scanner to establish what is causing this condition.

This enables us to customise a tailored in clinic treatment plan and home product prescription plan. Once your skin journey has commenced you will be well on the way to the skin you deserve.


A common mistake is to assume acne is simply from excess oil flow, and don’t worry this mistake is easy to make unless you are being guided by educated Therapists who do have the knowledge and training.

Acne and Congestion can be from several dysfunctions in the structure and function of the skin.

When it comes to acne think of looking through your skin, like looking in a window.

Then imagine there is a tiny little factory undeath and I want you to imagine the workers in that factory.


If they are all doing their job correctly and effectively, what that factory produces will be pretty much perfect hence less acne prone skin, now I want you to imagine some of those workers start to call in sick and start having days off.

The factory would be starting to underperform and start to malfunction, concerns will start to arise, like active acne on your skin, the skin functions in the same manner, those workers are like the skin cells underlying the surface.

the longer-term cure to your acne is to address these dysfunctions.

One of the treatments we use for this and revising your acne condition is the DMK Enzyme Therapy. This amazing treatment wakes up those workers to start performing their jobs properly and presto… no more acne!






Do you want to speed up your results? We have many options in our clinic to address congestion and acne and get rid of it much quicker.

In combination with our acne treatments, LED is an optimal treatment to speed your results up.

LED uses many specific wavelengths of light to target and stimulate a response in your skin.

It’s important you use a medical grade LED, to make sure you get the results.


When it comes to acne, LED can kill bacteria on the skin, promote healing and calm that inflammation, which is great for those clients with sore cystic pustule acne.

Our LED is one of the best light medical grade therapies on the market.


LED to treat acne should be done weekly, a great tool to pop in between intensive treatments, to achieve clear skin in no time. To achieve this, you need to be using prescription homecare daily as well, some of the products we prescribe are from the Klear Collection DMK.









Our biggest trigger and cause when it comes to acne is internal health.

The first step to combating this is to address your gut heath. Our gut is a very complex organ, it impacts our sleep, hormones, mood and so much more, and when our gut biome is out of balance it can lead to acne for some clients.

The truth is I have suffered from acne myself, and after years of prescription medication, and every skin treatment under the sun, nothing had seemed to work for my acne.

Later in life and working for Richmond Skin & Laser, I had realised that bloating every day, feeling nauseous was not normal and I had digestive issues myself.

Acne is so linked to our tummy after finally addressing the cause, not only do I have none of the horrible symptoms like bloating, irritable bowl, trouble sleeping and feeling nauseous. my acne had totally cleared!

Regulate Digestive Tune up is a miracle worker.

The problem with a lot of supplements is everyone just tries to cleanse all the bacteria and then try and push a probiotic into the tummy but there is nothing to restore the gut!

If your tummy is not absorbing and working, how will it utilise probiotics?

The digestive tune up is 3 step system to CLEANSE RESTORE and MAINTAIN.


DMK’s Klear Collection is phenomenal for treating acne utilizing acne killing ingredients such as salicylic acid.

DMK Klear Collection addresses the deeper concerns of acne.

Getting to the core of the problem rather than focusing on the superficial aspects of the condition and can be applied at home for ongoing maintenance to keep you skin clear and dewy.

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