About Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic

Our Story

Our Passion

Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic was founded through the uncontainable desire & passion to provide perfection in skin care. Everyone deserves to have the best skin they possibly can and it is our mission to utilise state of the art technology and products to provide the maximum enhancement of our patient’s appearance and well-being. At Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to aesthetics. We have a combination of Medical Grade Equipment (manufactured in the USA), Cosmeceuticals, Organics and gluten free products at our disposal. Our fully qualified practitioners will complete an in depth consultation and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you. Your well-being is our mission. Looking good is feeling good. Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic provides a Safe, Professional and Ethical environment where you can be assured of the best results. And after all, it is all about the results isn’t it!  Let us help you look & feel amazing!


Our Pride

The Medical grade equipment includes the best non-invasive Body Contouring treatment SculpSure by Cynosure. Get rid of stubborn fat quickly and effectively with a 25minute treatment. The innovative Picosure Picosecond Workstation providing a new dimension in skin treatments including faster and more effective tattoo removal as well as the ultimate in skin revitalisation – Better than Fraxel quality results with no downtime and less treatments. Candela lasers – the Gold Standard in hair removal and DERMAFRAC™ from Genesis Biosystems with Micro-Channeling with Vacuum Assisted Simultaneous serum Infusion, Crystal free microdermabrasion and LED therapy consisting of Red for Erythema and  Yellow for Collagen which are customisable to your  skin condition.

Our Products

Aspect (checkout our Aspect product store)

A Skincare Revolution.

A modern and superior skincare range for all ages. Aspect is an Australian made and owned condition specific cosmeceutical range.

Aspect contains chirally corrected active ingredients in the highest concentrations and is sourced from the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies and uses where possible certified organic ingredients free of pesticides, parabens, perfumes and dyes. In-clinic performance evaluation of each formula has been carried out to ensure efficacy. Aspect contains a complete home care and chemical peel component. The Aspect range has been developed for men and women who want an effective skin care regime.

The comprehensive Aspect range is:

  1. Formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally-derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceutical correctives.
  2. Formulated with certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible.
  3. Chirally correct and optically pure activesfor maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.
  4. Free of propylene glycol.
  5. Free of mineral oils and other petrochemicals.
  6. Free of parabens and other harsh preservative systems.
  7. Free of artificial fragrances.
  8. Free of animal derived ingredients.
  9. Never tested on animals only people

Société (checkout our Societe product store)


A five-ingredient breakdown targeting the essential components needed to achieve healthy skin. The numbers on each box indicate how many Antioxidants, Acids, Proteins, Plant Sources and Vitamins are in each individual product.

Antioxidants protect the cells and counteract free radicals. This is why a very complex amount of antioxidants are essential in providing the best skin defense. A variety of them are found in every one of our products and are clearly identified for ease-of-use and understanding.

Acids are vital ingredients that aid in skin cell exfoliation for a fresh, radiant, healthy looking skin.

Proteins are the group of essential amino acids that act as the building blocks for protein in your skin. Research shows that about 75% percent of your skin is protein, which is essential for creating a healthy base.

Vitamins are essential for all cell functions and particularly important for your skin.

Plant Sources are directly linked to natural botanical extracts, oils or derivatives found in our products.


Through years of working in the industry, day-in and day-out with patients, we have a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s needs and goals. From this understanding we’ve been able develop the pillars of our product philosophy:

Works for the clinic and the patient: We fully understand the challenges faced by treatment providers and have developed an easy-to-prescribe system that meets both provider and patient needs via a numbered product system with clear designations for use.

Results through science: We focus on delivering results and have designed a line of products and peels that deliver on their promise, namely due to the scientific basis used in selecting our key performance ingredients.

Driven by Education: We support our providers through comprehensive educational information and advanced training materials – further enhancing practitioner knowledge.

Cruelty Free

We do not test on animals.


One of Société’s core company priorities is environmental awareness. As a company, we truly care about the environment, which is why the impact of our decisions is continuously taken into account throughout all facets of our business. We believe that no effort is too small to make a large overall impact.

When referring to how our products effect the environment, reading a label provides good insight.

We employ the best feasible ‘green’ practices by:

  1. Using the simplest packaging available – only minimal outer packaging (we don’t have expensive, intricate outer cartons for our products and don’t believe they’re necessary.)
  2. Striving to always pick the most earth-friendly choice out of all options presented.
  3. Using recyclable product packaging (we specifically chose components that would be most recyclable).
  4. Recycling – a daily action performed by all employees.
  5. Integrating paperless systems in many departments to minimize paper waste.
  6. Receiving renewable power credits for 100% of our power. That means our power comes from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydro, themal, etc.)

Société Clinical Skin Care believes that the concept of ‘green’ is a positive one. Environmental awareness is the first step of progression toward a healthier planet and we continuously strive to research, integrate, and improve our practices and procedures.

At Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic the Chirally Corrected Cosmeceuticals include The ASPECT™ Difference and Société® Clinical Skincare. The Aspect™ Difference – these products are free from Sodium Laurel Sulphate, Parabens or harsh preservative systems, Propylene Glycol, Formaldehyde releasing agents, artificial fragrances and never tested on animals. Apsect™ cosmeceuticals are produced using exclusive “Cool Processing” technology.  Apsect™ cosmeceuticals contain Chirally corrected actives in the highest concentrations. Chirally corrected refers to the molecular structure of the cosmetic ingredients being modified to align with the human skin molecules for greater effectiveness and to avoid irritation (Read our blog for a more detailed explanation). Organically certified ingredients are used wherever possible (pesticide free).

So, for real results contact us at the Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic for a consultation today