Why everyone needs to be taking EFA Ultra
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Author: Karen Austin

EFA Supplement


Why Everyone Needs To Be Taking EFA Ultra

This amazing supplement is formulated based on the knowledge of healthy cell functions and nutritional needs. It provides the full group of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) 3, 6, 7 and 9. Most supplements only contain a partial profile of the essential fatty acid group and require multiple supplements to be consumed to have the same benefit.

Essential fatty acids are especially important as they as not produced by the body and are required to come from a dietary source. As much as we can try to eat a balanced diet, it is extremely hard to source and consume the amount that we require. This is where the EFA Ultra supplement comes in and can provide the body with what it requires for healthy cell function. This source of EFA’s is also a “clean” source, as most EFA supplements contain high levels of mercury and chemicals as they are sourced from farmed fish.

EFA’s are crucial for cell regeneration and maintaining the cells membrane and integrity. The formulation of EFA Ultra is designed to benefit internal health and overall wellbeing. The inclusion of Fucoidan extracts makes this formulation a powerful antioxidant.

Consuming this supplement daily also supports our in-clinic treatments and trans-epidermal water loss through the skin’s barrier.

Key ingredients include; Pure organic Coconut oil, Undaria pinnatifida (mekabu) seaweed and sea buckthorn.

EFA Ultra is designed to:

  • Optimize skin function
  • Relieve dry skin symptoms
  • Act as an Anti-inflammatory mediator
  • Be a powerful Antioxidant
  • Reduce moisture loss in the skin
  • Improve the oil quality the skin produces



Therapist Fun Facts –  Zana

Zana is our amazing cosmetic nurse delivering the injectables for the clinic. She specializes in the PDO threads as an extra focus. It’s an absolute delight to have Zana back in the clinic where just over five years ago we played a small part in shaping her into the practitioner that she is when she was a student in our clinic.


Here’s a few fun facts about Zana:

1 – In my spare time I love to draw, paint and rollerskate.

2 – Have been married to my wife for one year.

3 – I am a “plant mum” to many rare and unique plants.



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