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Author: Karen Austin

Wedding Preparation


Welcome to the June Skin & Laser Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed last month’s article about how stress impacts the skin. This month specials are based around laser treatments as winter is the best time to start. We hope all our wonderful Mums had a great Mother’s Day last month as well! For any more information regarding our services, specials or general enquiries, please call us on 03 8820 5801


rsl juneOver the past few months, Skin & Laser has had the honour of participating in the new reality show ‘Unveiled’, which started airing in April. Unveiled follows the journey of six couples through both surgical and non-surgical procedures to put their best face (and body) forward for their wedding day. You can catch the series on the Style network Friday nights at 8.30pm and on E! Saturday nights.

During the course of the series, we were lucky enough to help Ali prepare for her big day. Ali’s journey with us included SculpSure fat removal and PicoSure facial rejuvenation and pigmentation removal.

SculpSure is an amazing treatment to help sculpt and shape areas of the body where you find fat tends to stick, or the areas you just can’t seem to shift with diet and exercise alone. SculpSure uses selective thermolysis (heat) to cause damage to the fat cell, which causes it to breakdown and the body then gets rid of it.

rsl june 2Very few clients understand how SculpSure differs from normal weight loss. When we gain and lose weight, it is just our fat cells getting bigger and smaller, it is very unlikely that a person will gain more fat cells over their lifetime. SculpSure will permanently destroy up to 24% of the fat cells in the treatment area in one session. This means that even if you gain weight (still not advisable), it will never reach the same size as it was beforehand. Sounds too good to be true? The results speak for themselves.

Facial rejuvenation and pigmentation removal are taken to the next level using PicoSure technology. This incredible laser facial will reduce fine lines, elasticity, pigmentation, pore size, improves texture and can be done on the body, not just the face. The PicoSure is a laser the produces intense bursts of light in trillionths of a second. This laser is one of the safest and most advanced treatments for facial rejuvenation, pigmentation removal as well as tattoo removal. A facial rejuvenation treatment is an idea for preparing for a big event such as a wedding, but make sure you start at least 6 months in advance as a majority of clients will need more than one session. For an added bonus, collagen and elastin production is increased for 6 months following your session.

rsl juneIf you have a big event coming up, visit one of our clinics for a no-obligation skin consultation. We will do a thorough skin analysis as well as discuss your concerns and suitable treatments or products to get your skin to where it needs to be.


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