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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas

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The Skin & Laser Team



Injectables & Fillers

The demand for injectables has grown dramatically. The desire for immediate results has seen the adoption of fillers and relaxants as a part of your overall treatment regime. Not only are the results surprising, so are the treatments available now.

Read on and get ready to be surprised. (Hint – See the in-progress pic of a full liquid facelift)


The two main muscle relaxants we utilize in our Clinic.

These treatments help minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by ageing and facial expressions.

The small amounts that are regulated and injected into the areas are safe and are very effective in correcting wrinkles, fine lines and have been safely used for decades, they work by blocking the nerve signals in the muscles, the affected muscle is paralyzed or frozen short term, usually 3-4 months depending on metabolism and lifestyle etc.

This treatment produces practically instant results for most however they can take up to 1 week to activate and the outcomes are softened, reduced and even removed wrinkles and fine lines, amazing!!

The most common wrinkles these products are effective on are the dynamic wrinkles that are known as expression lines.

The most common areas these dynamic wrinkles form on is the upper part of the face, such as crows feet, forehead, between the eyebrows.

Downtime with this treatment is minimal, and don’t forget after having the treatment do not rub the areas as you can spread the botulinum into other areas, also do not book in for any treatments in that area, for about 1-week post-treatment.


Are used to add fullness to the areas that have sagged, lost elasticity and or thinned they increase the plumpness of the areas in the face.

These wrinkles are known as static wrinkles, these types of wrinkles are usually located in the cheeks, jowls, and neck areas, filler can also decrease the shadowing under the eye area, soften scars.

Our most popular treatment is plumping the lip area.

The most common dermal filler ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, this is found naturally in tissues and some fluids in the body and they add plumpness to the skin, another popular ingredient is polylactic acid, which is a stimulant to make the skin produce more collagen.

There are a couple more common ingredients used in our popular dermal fillers, and each one treats the different ageing concerns or cosmetic issues, the dermal fillers take time to settle in and work, some fillers last up to 6 months and some can last up to 2 years or longer, so make sure you ask how long they will last because every area is different and we customise this by using different products.

We only use the best Dermal Filler products. Remember not to book in for any facial treatments in the areas for 2 weeks post treatment.


In Progress image:


Did you know we can treat these concerns as well?:

Hyperhidrosis- this treatment reduces sweating by 82-87% and most Patients have their underarms treated, however, we can treat other areas of the body. The muscle relaxant treatment can give you relief from sweating for approx 4-12 months and some Patients have had relief for 14 months !!

Bruxism- Is a Medical term for teeth grinding and clenching.

Continuas Bruxism can lead to painful migraines, headaches, earaches, and even facial pain, not to mention severe dental problems. Treatment is simple by injecting the muscle relaxant into the muscle that moves the jaw, the Masseter Muscle, this reduces clenching and relieves the tension and aching that you could be experiencing. The botulinum toxin can take 1-3 days and for some Patients up to 2 weeks, after the injections to work, the effects can last from 3-6 months on average.

Jaw slimming- In addition to smoothing out the wrinkles we can use muscle relaxants to slim and contour the face, we achieve this through targeting the masseter muscles to reduce their activity and the results can be dramatic on your facial contour.

Chronic Migraines- Muscle relaxants can help and prevent chronic migraines in some patients, this process is not a quick fix, and the patient will need to return every 3 months on average to see long-lasting results. The muscle relaxant is injected into 7 specific muscle areas around your head and neck to achieve relief from pain. The relief can take up to 14 days in some cases on average.

Anti Wrinkle Treatments- Forehead wrinkles, crows feet, glabella, chin dimpling, bunny lines, masseters, brow lift, DAO, vertical lip lines, lip flips, platysma bands.

Dermal Filler Treatments- Chin, cheeks, Lips, Perioral, Pre auricular, jawlines, Marionettes, Temples, Tear Troughs, Nasolabial Folds, Skin Boosters and threads.

Our treatment range is extensive and these are the most popular treatments in the clinic that we perform.





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