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December Blog


Seasons Greetings – A gift from us to you…..

What a year 2020 has been, and I bet we all can not wait to say goodbye!!

As a small token of our appreciation for your support during this year, we would like to give you a $20 voucher to use in January or February on any of our services. (See below)

We would love to thank you for all your support and trust in our team to provide you with the medical and aesthetic services that are so important to your self-esteem, and mental health.

We hope you have a Merry Xmas and enjoy the holiday season.

This month’s blog is a range that is dear to my heart, the Limited Range is the Premium of all product ranges.

This range caters to all premature ageing and rosacea, our firmatrix even kills the Demadex mite, which is partly responsible for your rosacea skin.


DMK Limited range

It’s no secret that most people are chasing that youthful glow. We all want the best moisturiser/serum to fight the signs of ageing and to prevent any further signs of ageing. Whether it be those pesky fine lines that have seemed to appear overnight or its gravity taking its toll. No matter our ageing concern most of the time we want it fixed. We are fortunate enough to stock one of the best anti-ageing product ranges ever!


Introducing DMK LIMITED, a range of innovative and high-end skin products. Unique and exclusive formulations based on science. DMK LIMITED moves way beyond conventional skincare methods to give you the most advanced range of age-prevention and anti-ageing skincare products we have ever seen. One of the serums is also known as filler in a jar! It is

impressive that a product range can do just a thing, so you don’t need your injectables perhaps!


Each product in the DMK Limited range offers a unique purpose with specific results achieved and can easily be incorporated into your in-clinic enzyme treatment or your skincare routine. Think cell renewal, improved skin firmness, elasticity and moisture retention, tighter younger-looking skin! Each product is full of peptides, amino acids and essential fatty acids to support healthy skin cells.


Let’s talk about each product in the LIMITED range and what it can do for you:


Mediterranean Pearls- This mild cleansing gel infused with Vitamin B enriched, dissolving microspheres gently buffs the skin loosening dead skin, dirt and makeup. The mild foaming action then lifts the debris and rinses them away easily leaving the skin hydrated, clean and refreshed without feeling dry or irritated.

Firmatrix – Like a filler without the injections, FirMatrix utilises powerful botanicals to help rebuild the epidermal matrix. Generating greater density within the skin to bring firmness to loose or sagging skin. This product also kills the dermadox mites to assist with the management of rosacea.


Wetter than water  –  Wetter Than Water’s natural hydrating and nourishing benefits provides what the skin needs to function and regenerate. This spritz helps transform the skin into

a supple, plump, firm complexion.

Eye Web- Like an invisible web around the eyes, this powerful eye crème can help to instantly tighten sagging skin, eliminate the appearance of puffiness under the eyes and revise dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines by strengthening the skin around the eye. This amazing product works like botox.

Transgenesis- Fights the signs of ageing with specific marine sourced enzymes that work to encourage cell turnover and renewal without irritation, giving the skin a smooth porcelain glow. It helps restore maximum moisture levels as well as improving firmness and elasticity.

Elevate crème- An anti-ageing neck and décolletage crème that will help lift and tighten tissues, reduce redness and strengthen capillaries. Perfect for the pigmented and vascular issues on your necks, known as poikilderma.

Book in for a complimentary skin consultation or Epifill Skin Treatment so we can show you how these amazing products can be incorporated into your skin care routine!

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