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Author: Karen Austin

A personal note from Karen


Are you contemplating fillers or injectables? or perhaps already delving into that unknown world? Please read this before deciding where to go. I was shocked!!!

I wanted to share with you my own recent experience that supports new learnings.

A recent video post by a well-known Doctor and Radiologist sharing their findings (just reply to this email and I will send you the link to the video) have really made some waves.  New research has shown that hyaluronic acid fillers last much longer than we have been lead to believe and they can migrate into other areas, including the orbital area even if the filler has been injected a long way from the site for instance in the jawline of cheek, leading to the Patient experiencing complications years later in the orbital or other areas, pretty scary right?

There have been so many cases of complications (that us) the public don’t necessarily hear about, from Patient blindness to necrosis and many other negative outcomes, and after talking to our injector Nurse Practitioner Danielle she highlighted that one of the treatments she performs is on the rise: Hyaluronidase ( Filler or Hyaluronic reversal).

Hyaluronidase ( Filler or Hyaluronic reversal) – it’s really quite horrific, when you think you trust an Injector you engage to provide you with the safest, best result that she  can possibly perform, you pay them at least $550 approx. for a ml of filler, to find the injector has not injected the product correctly and the look was not what you wanted.

I am speaking from personal experience here, and am in the process of reversing lip filler that was poorly injected. The treatment itself is not a nice experience, and the process can be quite long depending on how much you have to have removed. The experience for me was very painful, multiple injections, OUCH, and $350 dollars later… DOUBLE OUCH! And I am hoping I don’t need another treatment – fingers crossed.

But that is the point of it isn’t it. You should not have to have “fingers crossed” when you see an injector.

The recent publicity around a particular chain of laser clinics and the terrible outcomes for those poor clients – it just gives the entire industry a bad reputation. The publicity was around Multi chain clinics performing work leading to serious complications. Nurses with minimal experience were performing the treatments. It was all aimed at keeping costs down but unfortunately in this case, you do definitely get what you pay for and if you pay cheap for injectables you are running a huge risk. That’s not to say that professional qualified and experienced injectors (Doctors and Nurse Practitioners) are not competitive – just that any practitioner providing quality outcomes will not be at bargain basement pricing.


The point I am trying to get across is if I am a Clinic owner in this industry and have had to have a reversal done, what hope does the general public have of avoiding real issues in the long term? … SCARY.. The no.1 rule would be ensure you select your Nurse Practitioner or Doctor wisely and always look at the work they have themselves to make sure you chose the right person.

Our injector is a fully qualified Nurse Practitioner and has had years of experience delivering amazing results. Her face sculpting skills are incredible – and that is high praise coming from me.

I have learnt so much from her in the short time she has been with us.

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