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Author: <b> Karen Austin
Author: Karen Austin

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Concerned about Loose Skin or Wrinkles? Cellulite? Dark Circles? Then read on….

We are proud to announce that we are the first Clinic in Victoria to have acquired the TempSure Device. Our decision to add this to our treatment menu was an easy one, and we want to educate you about our exciting new device. We have had our TempSure for nearly 4 months now and these treatments are selling like hotcakes! Why you ask? There is no other technology on the market that can provide amazing results with no pain or downtime, in fact these treatments are relaxing.

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TempSure tightens the body, face, and it also addresses cellulite and wait for it.. the TempSure envi addresses those dark circles around the orbital (eye area) which is called periorbital melanosis. Most of our Clients have this condition so it is very satisfying to be able to manage this Problem area.

There are 3 main treatments options with the TempSure..

  • ENVI – This is our RF skin tightening option that tightens the face, body and reduces dark circles around the eyes. 99 % of patients describe this treatment as relaxing and comfortable. The Tempsure delivers consistent, safe and gentle skin tightening, reducing those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines to maintain younger, fresher looking skin and the best part is there is NO DOWNTIME.

Richmond skin and laser June blog 2022

  • FLEXSURE – This option is the worlds first RF wrap-able, so what this means is those harder to treat areas can be treated. We address areas with this device like arms, knees, abdomen, flanks and our groundbreaking technology is able to curve to increase treatment efficacy. The treatment is only 15 mins per area with no pain and NO DOWNTIME.

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  • FIRM – Our amazing Firm option treats cellulite and tightens the skin on the body. We are so excited to address these Client concerns as who doesn’t have cellulite right? A very small percentage of people don’t, even the skinny people have cellulite. The large handpiece allows us to treat large areas in 5 minutes. This device deeply and safely heats the tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite while tightening the skin.

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The TEMPSURE is so effective with skin tightening and is the perfect treatment post Sculpsure Fat Reduction/ Body sculpting.

SculpSure reduces the fat cells by up to 25% in each 25 min treatment. The SculpSure has 100% patient satisfaction on the chin area attacking the submental fat and 90% patient satisfaction in the body areas, attacking the subcutaneous fat. The SculpSure does provide you with some skin tightening however when larger amounts of fat cells are removed, the skin can become saggy particularly on the arms for some people, so the TempSure manages this perfectly.

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We are the no.1 clinic in Australia for SculpSure and we operate with two machines which means more areas treated in a quicker time, so we know this technology inside and out.

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Book in for a complimentary consultation, get in early and get your face and body ready for summer and we can show you our before and afters and prescribe a package that is customized for you.

Bring a friend and you both receive $150 dollars off your treatment packages.

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