At Richmond Skin & Laser we love a good beauty trend as much as the next person. Few people will know that many hold no benefit to the skin, some cause damage to the skin, and others are just a plain waste of time and money. Before we get into the blog, we would like to highlight the importance of speaking to a professional skin specialist before investing in skincare. More often than not, when people have chosen their own

As many as 60% of our clients are concerned with ageing. At Richmond Skin & Laser we prefer the term ‘Age Management’ over the traditional ‘anti-ageing’. Our bodies are designed to live for a certain amount of time, so it is impossible to avoid ageing entirely. Although we are genetically predetermined to age, there are factors such as the sun, lifestyle, pollution, free-radical damage, and more that will speed up the ageing process. Danne, founder of DMK has a fantastic

If you are a skin care addict like we are, you have probably heard of treatments such as PRP, or ‘the vampire facial’. At Richmond Skin & Laser, we use an advanced form of these treatments; Factor4. Keep reading to find out more about Factor4 and what it can offer you. What is Factor4? Factor4 is a skin treatment where a sample of your blood is processed via incubation and centrifuge. Once removed from the centrifuge, the red blood cells

As the weather cools down, we change our wardrobe, so doesn’t it make sense to change your skin care too? Cold weather wreaks havoc on our skin. Crisp, cool temperatures and dry, warm heaters are a recipe for dehydration and dryness in even the healthiest skins. Here are some tips to keep your skin happy and healthy. Add a biomimetic oil under your moisturiser Biomimetic is a big fancy word for something that mimics the natural environment of the body.

Cellulite, orange peel skin, dimples, call it what you want, nearly 85% of women claim to suffer from cellulite somewhere on their body. Even though this is a common concern of many women, very few people know what cellulite is.   Cellulite is the most common term used to describe the lumps and dimples found in areas like the thighs, buttocks, and stomach. It is a disorder of the adipose tissue (fat cells) in the deep layer of the skin