When it comes to skin health, the consultation process is equally as important as the actual treatment stage. Therefore we have introduced a new piece of equipment to Richmond skin and laser. We have brought in skin analysis technology that allows our clients to engage in their consultations on a deeper level, as well as better understand skin problems and their causes. This also allows us to diagnose the skin at both the epidermal and dermal layer.   What we

At Richmond Skin & Laser we estimate that at least 50% of the people we meet say that their skin is sensitive. In fact, a true sensitive skin is much less common than you might think. Contrary to popular belief, having an allergic reaction to a particular skin care product is not a sign of sensitive skin. It is often a sign of a sensitised skin, or that your skins immune system just simply doesn’t like one of the ingredients.

With a huge boom in the laser and skin industry in the last few years, we have seen an influx in clinics offering these services. Along with this boom has come an increase in treatments being performed incorrectly, leaving clients dealing with the sometimes-permanent side effects.   In Victoria, there are currently no governing regulations for the skin & laser industry. This means that to operate, or even buy a laser or IPL, you do not have to have any

At Richmond Skin & Laser we love a good beauty trend as much as the next person. Few people will know that many hold no benefit to the skin, some cause damage to the skin, and others are just a plain waste of time and money. Before we get into the blog, we would like to highlight the importance of speaking to a professional skin specialist before investing in skincare. More often than not, when people have chosen their own

As many as 60% of our clients are concerned with ageing. At Richmond Skin & Laser we prefer the term ‘Age Management’ over the traditional ‘anti-ageing’. Our bodies are designed to live for a certain amount of time, so it is impossible to avoid ageing entirely. Although we are genetically predetermined to age, there are factors such as the sun, lifestyle, pollution, free-radical damage, and more that will speed up the ageing process. Danne, founder of DMK has a fantastic